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We Have Moved!

Our New Location

281 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington


It is with great excitement that I wish to share with you that we have moved our practice to a newly constructed office. Our new location is close to Arlington center, it is only 2.2 miles from out initial location in Cambridge. There is plenty of free 2-hour street parking along Massachusetts Ave, free parking on side streets, and a bus stop just outside of our new office.

Although we have had no COVID-19 related incidents in our practice due to strict implementation of all CDC and ADA guidelines, I always look forward to improving the dental experience for patients. Since COVID-19 and future virus challenges can impact society, I have given the plans for the new office careful consideration. We have incorporated an I-Wave C commercial Air Purification System, and MERV-13 air filters into our central cooling and heating system. This is designed to maintain office air flow free of bacterial, viral, and other particles for an exceptionally healthy office air atmosphere.

We continue to offer CAD/CAM dental technology for crown, bridge and implant precision design and construction, usually as a one-time visit experience from start to finish. The office will allow for complete general dentistry, hygiene maintenance and preventative emphasis, all geared toward enhanced comfort and confidence in our operation.

This new building is devoted entirely to our private practice at First Impression Dental. As always, it is my intention to continually improve in all aspects of our dental delivery approach, through thoughtful planning, education. and above all, with a caring manner to every patient that we have the privilege of treating.

Dmitry G. Merzon, D.M.D

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